Monday, September 7, 2015

New Release Announcement: Episode Five of The Chronicles of the Harekaiian by Shanna Lauffey

Episode Five of The Chronicles of the Harekaiian
by Shanna Lauffey

Release Date: September 7, 2015

A cosmically displaced teenager with the genetic ability to time travel might be the key to understanding current questions and theories about the universe and what prevents time travelers from rewriting history.

Kallie visits her friend Harlan Edmundson, a practicing Physicist and covert researcher for a revised guide to Time Travel Physics, who has spent his life searching for an elusive explanation for the Time Shifters' abilities. Kallie hopes to try to make sense of an impossible time loop and to learn why travel to the future has always been discouraged among the Harekaiian, even more than potentially paradoxical visits to the past.

For decades, Doctor Edmundson has jotted down equations and kept a notebook filled with spectacular claims and outrageous plans to try to find the answers to many of History's unanswered questions, as well as solutions to unsolved riddles and to investigate his controversial theory of time loops, but now they find an even greater mystery.

Kallie and Marcus' dreams of leading a quiet and peaceful life become shattered when Kallie realizes that only she can close the loop, but the price of what she must do could be higher than she can bear.

I have this on my to be read shelf, thanks to an ARC from the author. Based on the previous books in the series, I'm looking forward to it.  Below are the links to The Chronicles of the Harekaiian episodes. Perfect for those who like a mix of realism and time travel. Probably one of the most solid time travel storylines I've read.

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