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Middle Grade Review: Felix and the Sword of Sefu by Catherine Mesick

Felix and the Sword of SefuFelix and the Sword of Sefu by Catherine Mesick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Felix and the Sword of Sefu is an excellent middle grade book, which I picked up some time ago while it was free and finally found the time to read. I’m really sorry I waited to do so because it looks like it’s been unpublished since then. The only place I could find to post my review is here on Goodreads. I imagine, if the author is still around and checking, that this review will likely be just for her.

Anyhow, about the book itself. It’s on par with some of my other favorite middle grade, fantasy world books. It’s of an epic length and takes on the form of a quest, where three siblings find themselves stranded in and embroiled into the politics and troubles of a parallel world where magic and monsters exist. I also thought it was interesting (and indicative of possible sequels) that even though this story fully resolves, there is still the matter of the barrier between the two worlds weakening.

I loved the personalities and relationship between the siblings. The author avoided the pitfall of making them overly hostile or loving towards one another and simply made them believable and interesting, both as individuals and in their relationships with each other.

As for the plot, I really dug the mystery of Silk, the evil magician who is terrorizing the world they end up in. There’s a puzzling riddle/prophecy he’s trying to fulfill, and Felix and Sadie, in particular, have no choice but to become heroes in their efforts to stop him and rescue their brother.

Some things come a little easily, but overall, I found this to be perfect for its intended audience. This is a middle grade fantasy with some meat to it. If/when it becomes available again for purchase, I would highly recommend it.

All I can say for the author is, don’t give up. Keep writing. Your story’s awesome and shows you have a knack for writing many lack. It’s obvious you planned this out and put the effort into making it a clean, well-edited read. I would love to read more of your books.

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More by Catherine. Look's like she has another series, called Pure. You can find them and more about this author from the links below.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 eBook Promotion: The Freeze on Kindle Countdown

When life gives you lemons, dig deep and stay there. Ignore reality and pretend everything is fine. Make the kids go to school, pretend they aren't hungry. Make them pretend not to see the worry on every face, poorly hidden.

Life doesn't give us lemons, it gives us ice. It gives us ice and hail and destruction. Life doesn't give, it takes.

In a frozen future where survivors have taken refuge in an underground tunnel system, Andrea, sick of writing sappy, optimistic essays for what the adults call school, decides to try her luck on one of the scavenging crews. With the help of a boy she likes, she pretends to be a boy and joins the team. But the job isn't at all what she expected, and she soon finds herself separated from the team, lost and alone in the frozen city.

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Amazon Free eBook: Forgotten Valor (Shadows of Valor #2) December 29-January 2

Continuing the story began in Shadows of Valor, Edwin is haunted by nightmares and recovering from a training injury. At the same time, war waits for no man, and the Commander assigns him a new mission, one that will take him into the heart of Veracka.
Meanwhile, Peggy is offered an ultimatum. Disillusioned and suspecting her superiors intended this outcome from the beginning, Peggy faces the most difficult decision she's ever had to make. And, even if she accepts the risks, the effort may be too little, too late.
Pick up your copy today!
Free from December 29, 2015 - January 2, 2016

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Funny how most of my books start in fall...

I was doing some formatting and preview loading for most of my books yesterday and noticed something interesting. Most of them start in fall.

Shadows of Valor #1 has Edwin, the main character, racing along a leaf-strewn road right at the beginning. The Freeze, even though the season is indistinguishable from winter due to, well, the freeze, begins right before winter, so, the fall. Fearless, the zombie book, starts right before Halloween, hmm, a trend. And, even funnier, so does Avalee and the Dragon, which starts during a festival, you guessed it, in the fall. Oh, that yet-to-be-named vampire book I've been tinkering with starts at a state fair, which tend to run in the fall.

You may be wondering why this is. I did so I've been considering it, and all I can guess is that perhaps it has something to do with when I actually start writing these stories. All but Shadows of Valor and the in progress vampire book were started in November, when leaves are just starting to turn, the air is getting a bit of bite to it, and the occasional frost drapes the morning landscape. SOV started in winter and the vampire book started in October, hence thoughts of the fair.

Ok, so maybe I need to initiate my writing projects throughout the year because my inspiration is obviously affected by what's going on in real life. That's a good thing, right? Or, perhaps I should take some time to plan out a few stories that start in spring or summer.  We'll see.

Then again, maybe I just like the fall.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Trigger Happy Publishing a Book with the Wrong Cover

Hello folks, I was at it again yesterday. Spent the whole day creating a cover for one of my books, posted it on Facebook for opinions, and then overrode sanity and published the book on Amazon with the untested cover.

And then the feedback rolled in...

And I realized maybe I should have waited for that feedback.  So, Avalee and the Dragon is again unpublished pending a more patient development and crowd testing of the cover, and I am reminded of why I asked for feedback in the first place.

So, here's the cover I made. Not going to pretend it doesn't exist, but I figure it might be a good reminder to myself and an opportunity for others to learn from my mistakes.

I like this cover. I think it's pretty and bright, and the picture is something I took, so no worries about anyone else having it on their covers. Sure, and that's why I did it. After all, if you don't like the cover you come up with it is definitely out. The point is, your own opinion as the creator of the book and as the creator of the cover (if you're both) should not be the only one you consult.  I almost did this right, sharing this with friends and asking for opinions. So, how did I come to the conclusion that this cover wasn't right? Well, here's what I got from my friends (and I know they're good ones because not a one of them told me this was fine).

1. What's the significance of the flowers or the yellow? This is called Avalee and the Dragon, right?

I'm paraphrasing this feedback from a few posts from someone whom I know is not afraid to give some good feedback. What this reveals is perhaps the most important flaw of this cover. It doesn't really reflect the title, and since the title does reflect the story, it doesn't really reflect the story either. The cover really needs to communicate what the story is about, give a feel for it either in details or symbolism that is closely related. If someone is asking what your cover means, that likely means your cover isn't ready or just plain isn't right for the story.

2. One generous offer from another author to help me tweak my covers.

Paired with number one, I was beginning to see that perhaps I'd missed the mark. If someone offers to help you with your covers instead of saying, "That's a good cover," you have probably missed the mark, especially if that someone has designed some rather awesome covers of their own for books that are actually selling. I asked for some advice instead, and I got it. Makes me appreciate this guy very much, that's for sure.

3. An enthusiastic reference from one family member to talk with another who is an amazing artist.

Yep, all the signs are there. That cover is totally wrong for my book. Again, no "that's awesome" or "wow, great cover." But a suggestion to get some assistance is similar to what number two's response indicated. I either need help, or I need to put a heck of a lot more thought into this cover.

4. Silence and silent likes.

No one came out and actually said that cover was terrible, but I can connect the dots. Particularly since, other than the tactful and helpful feedback and offers from one through three, no one else said anything. I got a couple of likes. But no one outright said they liked it.

So, here's what we have, a pretty cover that I like, but it confuses potential readers and, to other authors and even family, screams, "I need help."

I'm glad I asked. :-)

(Now that I look at it again, that's awfully yellow, isn't it?) eBook Promotion: Fearless on Kindle Countdown*Version*=1&*entries*=0

After a vaccine meant to protect against a biological weapon backfires and turns those who are inoculated with it into zombies, a young woman, having survived the initial outbreak, now runs with a group of others who stick together for safety, not that it does them much good. When she picks up a notebook in a grocery store her group is looting, she decides to begin a journal for future generations (if there are any).

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Amazon Free eBook: Shadows of Valor (Shadows of Valor #1) December 24-25

Four years after Edwin's father was slain by Verackan raiders, intent on plundering the Orescan heartland to supplement their own waning resources, he runs away from home to join the Orescan Army.

Soon, he finds himself a Probationary Recruit, not in the Army, but in the Special Air Corps. Through a combination of natural and technologically enhanced gifts, this elite and secretive organization battles the Verackans from the shadows.

As Edwin explores the full potential of his gift, a new objective begins to take hold . . . ending the Verackan threat for all time.

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Free from December 24-25, 2015

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Friday, December 18, 2015 eBook Promotion: Fearless on Kindle Countdown

After a vaccine meant to protect against a biological weapon backfires and turns those who are inoculated with it into zombies, a young woman, having survived the initial outbreak, now runs with a group of others who stick together for safety, not that it does them much good. When she picks up a notebook in a grocery store her group is looting, she decides to begin a journal for future generations (if there are any).

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Kindle Countdown Deal for Fearless on runs December 18-25, 2015.
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M9B Friday Reveal: Redesigned Series Cover Reveal – Dragonrider Chronicles by Nicole Conway with Giveaway #M9BFridayReveals

Welcome to this week’s M9B Friday Reveal!
This week, we are reveal the cover for
Traitor (Dragonrider Chronicles #3) by Nicole Conway
an upcoming Month9Books title!
Not only are we revealing this gorgeous new cover, we are also reveal the redesigned cover for the series!
You guys are in for a treat!
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
Adobe Photoshop PDF
Can anyone survive being lost in Luntharda? 
No amount of training has prepared Jaevid Broadfeather for the frontlines of battle. Now facing the true horrors of war, with Luntharda looming on the horizon, Jaevid has begun to question everything he thought about his heritage. The only thing keeping him going is his oath to protect his dragonrider brothers. But in an instant, even that slips through Jaevid’s fingers as he steps from the safety of his dragon’s saddle into the depths of his mother’s wild homeland—the kingdom of the gray elves. 
Stranded in Luntharda with his partner, Lieutenant Jace Rordin, Jaevid must finally confront the demons of his own past as he uncovers the truth about a war that began before he was ever born. Armed with a new appreciation for destiny, and flanked by his trusted friends, Jaevid moves to make the final strike against an enemy that has hidden in plain sight for far too long. 
One kingdom’s traitor will become the world’s last hope.

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Available for Pre-Order: Chapters | Amazon | B&N | TBD
Fledgling NEW 1800x2700
When Jaevid Broadfeather is given the rare opportunity to become a dragonrider for the king’s army, the 15-year-old boy has no idea that he is part of a conspiracy that will rock the very foundations of the kingdom. 
Jaevid Broadfeather has grown up as a wartime refugee, hiding from the world because of his mixed racial heritage. He feels his future is hopeless, until a chance encounter with a wild dragon lands him in Blybrig Academy—a place usually forbidden to anyone but the rich and royal. But Jaevid’s case is special; no dragon has voluntarily chosen a rider in decades, so the proud riders of Blybrig must begrudgingly let him join their brotherhood despite his bloodline. Lieutenant Sile Derrick, a sternly tempered man with a mysterious past, becomes his instructor and immediately takes a peculiar interest in Jaevid’s future. 
While struggling through the rigorous physical demands of training, things begin to go awry. Jaevid witnesses the king’s private guards kidnapping Sile in the dead of night. When none of the elder riders are willing to help him, Jaevid begins a dangerous adventure to save his instructor. 
Everything Jaevid learned at the academy will now be put to the ultimate test.

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Avian NEW 1800x2700
Jaevid wants to pass his Avian year of training . . . but will he even survive it? 
What kind of power is lurking inside him? After a year of training to become a dragonrider, Jaevid Broadfeather has been sent home to rest during a three-month interlude. But when he returns to find the king drake has chosen Beckah Derrick as his new rider, Jaevid realizes something big is about to happen. Every fiber of his being is pushed to the breaking point as Jaevid battles through his avian year, preparing for the final graduation test of the battle scenario. But there is more standing in his way than a few pushups and fancy sword moves. Jaevid must face a new fear as he is tormented by a gruesome nightmare of a mysterious gray elf warrior murdering the royal family of Maldobar. It seems obvious to him that this is some kind of message about how the war started long ago—until Felix assures him the king is very much alive. With his strange powers growing stronger by the day, and that violent dream replaying in his mind every night, Jaevid no longer wonders if he will pass his avian year or not—he wonders if he will even survive it. 
The truth will soon be set loose.
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Nicole is the author of the children’s fantasy series, THE DRAGONRIDER CHRONICLES, about a young boy’s journey into manhood as he trains to become a dragonrider. She has completed the first two books in the series, and is now working on the third and final book. 
Originally from a small town in North Alabama, Nicole moves frequently due to her husband’s career as a pilot for the United States Air Force. She received a B.A. in English with a concentration in Classics from Auburn University, and will soon attend graduate school. 
She has previously worked as a freelance and graphic artist for promotional companies, but has now embraced writing as a full-time occupation. 
Nicole enjoys hiking, camping, shopping, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. She also loves watching children’s movies and collecting books. She lives at home with her husband, two cats, and dog.
Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram
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M9B Two for Thursday Book Blitz: Tracy Tam: Santa Command by Krystalyn Drown and Last Siege of Haven by Ty Drago with Giveaway #T4T

Welcome to this week’s Two for Thursday Book Blitz #T4T presented by Month9books/Tantrum Books!
Today, we will be showcasing two titles that may tickle your fancy, and we’ll share what readers have to say about these titles!
You just might find your next read!
This week, #T4T presents to you:
Tracy Tam: Santa Command by Krystalyn Drown and Last Siege of Haven by Ty Drago
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
Tracy doesn’t believe that Santa can deliver all of those presents in one night with out a little help from science. A flying sleigh can only be powered by jet engines, and Santa’s magical abilities can only be the result of altered DNA. In order to test her theories, she sneaks onto Santa’s sleigh and ends up at Santa Command, the place where a team of humans monitors Santa’s big night. When Tracy attempts to hack into their computers, she accidentally introduces a virus to their system. As a result, three states get knocked out of sync with the rest of the world. Before the night is over, Tracy has to fix time and help Santa finish his deliveries. And she has to do it all with Santa’s magic, which she doesn’t believe exists.
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This is an adorable story and took me back to my childhood when i would stay up late and see if could catch Santa.” – Jan, Jrs Book Reviews
“Tracy Tam is an entertaining holiday read with a stubbornly scientific protagonist…”Dianne, Author
“…packed with fun surprises and zany flips that turn expectations into wonder.” – Kim, Kim's Critiquing Corner
Krystalyn Drown
Krystalyn spent thirteen years working at Walt Disney World in a variety of roles: entertainer, talent coordinator, and character captain. Her degree in theatre as well as many, many hours spent in a dance studio, helped with her job there. Her various other day jobs have included working in zoology at Sea World, as an elementary teacher, and currently as a support technician for a website. In the evenings, she does mad writing challenges with her sister, who is also an author. Krystalyn lives near Orlando, Florida with her husband, son, a were cat, and a Yorkie with a Napoleon complex.
Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube
While away on an undercover mission, Undertaker Will Ritter has made an unthinkable alliance...with a Corpse! But though Robert Dillin (aka 'The Zombie Prince') is indeed one of those alien invaders who animate and possess the bodies of the dead -- unlike the rest of his kind, Dillin isn't evil. In fact, he wants to help. And Will needs that help, because the Queen of the Dead has learned the location of Haven, the Undertakers' secret HQ, and is planning a massive and deadly assault. 
With the last day of the Corpse War finally upon them, Will and his friends find themselves in a desperate race to close the Rift between worlds and forever kill the Corpses. But can they do before Haven is overrun?
For that matter, can they do it at all?
add to goodreads
Over all I really liked the book. It was literally nonstop action and I read most of it on one night because it was so great.” – Monomaniacal Middle Grade Reviewer
“Ty Drago, an extremely talented author, has once again proven the adult mind can be as creative and intuitive as a child's.”Ryan – Amazon Reviewer
“Fantastic conclusion to the series! Has us on the edge of our seats, and by the end, cheering and crying at the same time.” – Felicia, Amazon Reviewer
Ty Drago
Ty Drago does his writing just across the river from Philadelphia, where the Undertakers novels take place. In addition to The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses,The Undertakers: Queen of the Dead, and The Undertakers: Secret of the Corpse Eater, he is the author of The Franklin Affair and Phobos, as well as short stories and articles that have appeared in numerous publications, including Writer’s Digest. He currently lives in southern New Jersey with his wife and best friend, the real Helene Drago née Boettcher.
Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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Epic Fantasy Review: The Way of the Kings (Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Speak again the ancient oaths,
Life before death.
Strength before weakness.
Journey before Destination.

and return to men the Shards they once bore.
The Knights Radiant must stand again.

Roshar is a world of stone swept by tempests that shape ecology and civilization. Animals and plants retract; cities are built in shelter. In centuries since ten orders of Knights fell, their Shardblade swords and Shardplate armor still transform men into near-invincible warriors. Wars are fought for them, and won by them.

In one such war on ruined Shattered Plains, slave Kaladin struggles to save his men and fathom leaders who deem them expendable, in senseless wars where ten armies fight separately against one foe.

Brightlord Dalinar Kholin commands one of those other armies. Fascinated by ancient text The Way of Kings, troubled by visions of ancient times, he doubts his sanity.

Across the ocean, Shallan trains under eminent scholar and notorious heretic, Dalinar’s niece Jasnah. Though Shallan genuinely loves learning, she plans a daring theft. Her research hints at secrets of the Knights Radiant and the true cause of the war.

My Review:
Awesome epic. I read The Way of the Kings about a year or so after I bought it. Why did I wait? Probably seeing how it dwarfed the other books on my Kindle and giving into a touch of impatience due to setting too high of a book read goal for last year. This year, I was smarter and set my goal a bit lower so I could fit in a few epic reads, like this one.

Like many of the books in this genre, this one weaves a complex tale that takes turns focusing on a few interesting co-main characters. Kaladin is the one I found most interesting, but Dalinar and Shallan are also pretty cool, as are some of the other featured characters, like Adolin, Wit, and Kaladin’s crew. Szeth, a tormented assassin, just appears a few times, but his chapters show the extent of magical possibility in this story’s world.

That magic, as in many fantasy books, is critical to the world, the history, and the characters. I love how the author weaves all of it together in a consistent way and reveals more and more of it as the story progresses.

As mentioned before, I particularly love Kaladin’s part, particularly the mystery surrounding his fall. He’s obviously a good and heroic person, and that placed next to his situation made me root for him more than any other in the book. His crew also interested me greatly, and really, the rest of the folks in this book just kind of fell into supporting roles, in my opinion. I’m hoping for a lot of time with him in the next book.

That being said, I had some trouble getting started on this book, and that could be due to how we are introduced to some very interesting characters and a lot of action in a couple of chapters and then go to Shallan, who isn’t quite as interesting at the start, and watch as she tries to get a job. Still, I stuck with it and wasn’t disappointed.

Overall, I love this book. It’s epic fantasy in all the right ways. There’s some complex politics, intricate history, and magical discovery. Everything is smooth and well-told, and the pacing is pretty good for the most part, though I tended to look forward to the Kaladin parts more than the rest. I highly recommend this story to folks who have some time on their hands and a love for a good epic.

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Intrigued? Pick up a copy on Amazon. I'm posting this one and the next one, though book two is still on my to-be-read shelf.

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NaNoWriMo: One Day Left. You can do it!

I wanted to give a shout out of encouragement for anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I usually post my own progress throughout the month, but I couldn't really think of anything to say, so here I am, on the day before day 30 with a last minute pep talk.

Go team! Hang in there, throw whatever comes into your head onto that page. Be creative and don't worry about being right. Avoid the urge to edit and let those fingers fly across the keyboard. 

Some of you may already have won by now, some may be on track to finish today or tomorrow, and some others might finish a little bit after the deadline. But all of you have tried something amazing and challenging this month, and I for one am proud of you and that effort, win or not.

So, keep writing and keep challenging yourself to greater things. It's how we grow and learn. It's how we see what we're made of and what we can do. What works and what doesn't.

So keep writing and if you don't make it this year, here's to trying again next year. Now stop reading this and get back to writing.

You're in the home stretch.

You can do it!

Friday, November 27, 2015

New Release Announcement and Review: A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story by A.J. York

A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story by A.J. York
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Upstairs in the Anderson’s attic there is chatter coming from the Christmas, Easter and Halloween boxes. Someone new has arrived. Tallulah the Christmas Fairy wakes to find herself attached to the top of a tree. She soon makes friends and has a magical first Christmas. Once the festivities are over, Tallulah finds herself in the attic with the other decorations from Easter and Halloween. Each year they watch the seasons change as they wait excitedly for their turn to go downstairs. Until one day new boxes appear and then the unthinkable happens. A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story is a magical and uplifting tale for the whole family.

What has been said about A.J. York’s other stories.

“Quick, lively and entertaining reading specifically written for children ages 8 to 12, A. J. York's fantasy trilogy is very highly recommended for family, middle school and community library collections.”

Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, April 2015

My Review:
This is a lovely short story about a treetop fairy who wakes up one day to find herself the newest addition to a young family’s Christmas decorations. After all go to sleep, the other ornaments awaken and welcome Tallulah. But after Christmas, they go back to the attic, where ornaments from other seasons and holidays are eager to tell her stories and bring her into their world.

I was faintly reminded of Toy Story, though this story feels much more optimistic and hopeful. The ornaments and toys try to be still when the people are around, and most of their shenanigans are at night or when the family is out. As the young family’s children grow up, the ornaments and, later, the toys start noticing differences, but still, each year, they are welcomed downstairs for their turn at adorning the home.

I really liked this story. It’s short and sweet and perfect for reading to a child. There are some cute illustrations throughout, which showed up well even on my plain Kindle, though not all of the chapters have one. I turned the last page with a smile on my face.

I received a free copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Pick up a copy at Amazon, and then check out some of A.J.'s other fine short stories, all of which I've read and enjoyed. Don't forget to follow the author on Amazon to find out first when a new story is coming.

A.J. York-Amazon Author Page

Live in the UK? Here are some links:
A.J. York-Author Page
A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story

M9B Friday Reveal: Cover Reveal – Rise (Order of the Krigers) by Jennifer Anne Davis with Giveaway #M9BFridayReveals

Welcome to this week’s M9B Friday Reveal!
This week, we are revealing the cover for
Rise (The Order of the Krigers #1) by Jennifer Anne Davis
an upcoming Month9Books Title!
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00011]
The people of Nelebek live in fear of persecution from the evil Morlet, who reigns with a dark and destructive magic. The kingdom’s only hope lies with the Order of the Krigers—twelve warriors with mysterious powers linked to magical weapons. 
For over a century, Morlet has been annihilating the Order, picking them off one by one. Eleven Krigers have been hunted down, tortured, and imprisoned in his dungeon. Now, only one remains. 
Sixteen-year-old Kaia survives by keeping her head down and minding her own business. But when she finds herself in the middle of a public execution where the mysterious Morlet is in attendance, an odd compulsion she can’t resist comes over her.
Kaia looks into Morlet’s eyes. 
Soon, an ancient power awakens and Kaia can no more blend into the scenery. Will she heed the call of the Krigers or will Morlet’s dark magic destroy the last of the Order? 
Fans of GRACELING and THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS will enjoy RISE, book one in the RISE OF THE KRIGERS series from international bestselling author Jennifer Anne Davis.
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Rise (The Order of the Krigers #1) by Jennifer Anne Davis Publication Date: May 17, 2016 Publisher: Month9Books
Available for Pre-Order: AMAZON and Barnes & Noble
Jennifer Anne Davis
Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she married her best friend and high school sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids' creativity.
Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube
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Title will be sent upon it's release.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Cover Reveal - The Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman with Giveaway #M9BFridayReveals

Welcome to this week’s M9B Friday Reveal!
This week, we are revealing the cover for
The Requiem Red by Brynn Chapman
an upcoming Month9Books Title!
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
The Requeim Red
Patient Twenty-nine. 
A monster roams the halls of Soothing Hills Asylum. Three girls dead. 29 is endowed with the curse…or gift of perception. She hears messages in music, sees lyrics in paintings. And the corn. A lifetime asylum resident, the orchestral corn music is the only constant in her life. 
Mason, a new, kind orderly, sees 29 as a woman, not a lunatic. And as his belief in her grows, so does her self- confidence. That perhaps she might escape, might see the outside world. 
But the monster has other plans. The missing girl's share one common thread...each was twenty-nine's cell mate. 
Will she be next?
add to goodreads
Title: The Requiem Red Publication date: 2016 Publisher: Month9Books, LLC. Author: Brynn Chapman
Pre-order: Amazon
Brynn Chapman is published in Historical and Historical Fantasy Romance for adult books. She also writes under R.R. Smythe for Young Adult Historical Fantasy. 
Website- She also blogs with the wonderful authors, Grace Burrowes, Hope Ramsay, Alix Rickloff and many others at
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Title will be sent to the winner upon it's release.