Review Policy

I love reading and writing about what I read, and I often read and review books authors (and sometimes publishers) request. Most important to me is that the reviews I write are perceived as honest and constructive so I make an effort to avoid practices that may undermine that goal. This review policy outlines the sort of things I prefer to review as well as the nature of the reviews, where the reviews may be posted, and other things relevant to the process.

First off, simple, straightforward review requests will be considered, but acceptance is not guaranteed.

Requests for promotional posts (ex: new releases, cover reveals, anniversary posts, etc.) aren't likely to be accepted unless I've already reviewed one of your books favorably. They are more likely if I'm an outright fan of your writing.

My review preferences:
• sci-fi, fantasy, or epic fantasy
• dystopian/post-apocalyptic
• cozy mysteries (a new favorite of mine)
• non-explicit, tasteful romance with a good story
• humorous stories or memoirs (real or imagined)
• middle grade fiction
• thrillers

Requests I'll consider, but won't as likely accept:
• Bare chests or overly provocative poses on the cover (if I do decide to review, but it won't be posted on my blog)
• Straight up erotica (if I do decide to review, it won't be posted on my blog)
• Non-fiction (there are few exceptions, but I try to minimize the non-fiction on my blog)
• Tight deadlines (the pressure would impact the review)
• Rampant and obvious grammar and formatting issues (if I do accept the request, issues will be mentioned in my review)

Certain requests will not be considered:
• Requests to "swap" reviews (that's unethical and casts a shadow on both reviews)
• Offers of anything other than the actual review copy of the ebook (against Amazon review policy)
• Requests for me to buy your book and review it (that's spam)
• Offers to sell me reviews for my books (really, don't do that)
• Requests that require me to jump through hoops or sign up for something
• Any request that comes across as a demand

Requesting a review:
To request a review, send me a note via the Contact Form found on this page. No direct messages to Twitter, Facebook or email, please.

For the best chance of having your request considered and accepted, include the following:
• your name
• your email
• book title
• series title and number, if applicable
• genre(s)
• length (in word count)
• short description
• a link to the book on and/or
• note any date preferences (no deadlines)

When a review is requested, I add it to my Review Requested shelf on Addition of the book to my Review Requested shelf is not a guarantee that I will review the book. The order of the books added to my Review Requested shelf does not necessarily represent the order of the reviews that I will do.

When I have the time to do the review, I'll contact you via Goodreads PM or the email address you provide to request a review copy of the book. Review copies should be provided as an ebook.

Here are my preferences, in order:
• .mobi file (which I forward to my kindle)
• PDF file (which I forward to my kindle)
• Notification of free promotion on
• NetGalley
• Smashwords coupon (required if you want a review there)
• Amazon gift of the ebook (no gift cards)
• .epub file (least preferred, as reading on the tablet is hard on my eyes)
• Notification of free promotion on BN, Kobo or another major .epub generating retailer
• direct to kindle (unlikely to accept)

Note that if I pick up your book on a free promotion without requesting a copy from you, that doesn't mean it's going to be bumped to the head of my review queue. Also, if you gift me a book without me having agreed to review it, that is no guarantee I'll accept your book or read it.

During the Review:
As I read a review book, I will post status updates on To monitor the status updates, you may follow my reviews. Friendship requests may be accepted on Goodreads as a means to stay connected, but they are not a consideration when I write a review. Comments, either positive or negative, are not a consideration when I write my review.

Remember, if you're requesting a review from me, I will strive to write a balanced and constructive review, but it will reflect my honest opinion.

After the Review:
I will indicate the source of the book I'm reviewing, such as: from author, from NetGalley, on promotion, via coupon, from library, purchased, or borrowed.

As a rule, I will post an honest, constructive review on regardless of the rating I plan to give the book. If your book is poorly edited, poorly written or is not to my taste, I will note it in my review. If it's bad enough that I could not finish the book, I will note that in my review as well.

For reviews requested directly, there are some cases in which I may, at my discretion, offer private feedback and/or ask the author whether they'd like my review posted beyond Goodreads.

Feedback only or limited review posting is likely:
• if there are serious issues with the book (half the book missing or rampant grammatical errors)
• if I cannot finish the book (due to content, other issues, or just not for me)
• if I decide to rate your work two stars or less

Your review and my reading progress will post to social media:
• Goodreads (always, no matter the star rating)
• Twitter @patriciahamill2 (Goodreads updates post automatically to my Twitter feed )
• Facebook (if I love your book, I may share my review on my personal and author pages)

Your review may be posted on online bookseller sites:
• (for ARCs, only after the book is live)
• BN by request (if you ask real nice...)
• (only if you gift me a copy via SW coupon)
• Elsewhere (not usually, but hyperlinks may help convince me)

Your review may go to one of these two blogs:
• I read too much! (this blog)
• Pure Textuality

If I rate the book three stars or higher on Goodreads and it falls under one of my preferred genres, I'll likely post the review on I read too much!. Typically, the post will land near a requested date or one that fits into the posting schedule. I try not to post more than one or two entries per day. I prefer to share only the books that I like on my blog.

As a member of the review team for Pure Textuality, I may choose to submit some reviews there instead. This will be based on the type of book and whether it fits the submission criteria for that site. The review policy for Pure Textuality will apply to any reviews I submit there. I have no control over when the post will be scheduled on PT, though they tend to consider release dates and such in their scheduling.

Star ratings are excluded from review posts on both I read too much! and the blog at  These blogs tend to feature book information, author information, buy links (usually), and the review text.

I no longer re-post reviews on the other Amazon sites because it seems that will cause the review on to be removed from the product's review list.


These policies may change occasionally.

Books may be removed from the Review Requested queue if I decide not to review them. They may also stay on there for quite some time before I have the time to review them. If they're still there, they're on my radar.

If you have any questions, you may send them via the contact form on this page or a PM from my profile page on

Again, review requests should be submitted via the Contact Form on this page. Apparently, Goodreads added a policy that folks couldn't request reviews via PM on their page, which was my preferred method of getting them, but I don't want anyone to get in trouble.