Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reading Lists: Do I need one? Yes, I do...

Well, I'm a bit late posting this week and I have no new reviews to share, so I figured I'd share my thoughts on reading lists instead.

So, reading lists. Lists of things you plan to read. Honestly? I've never really used a list to determine my next book to read. I've always been the kind of girl to browse along the bookshelf or scan through my kindle until a particular cover or title catches my eye and that's worked for the most part. But now that I blog, particularly because I write reviews for two sites and because I signed up for NetGalley, I have found that I can no longer leave all of my reading choices up to chance and whim.

Because of this, I've created a few reading lists and one to manage the overall order I read the books I plan to review. I may even add them to this blog. I've already added my currently reading shelf, which has been sparse at 1 book for quite a while, so it shouldn't be hard to add some more.

I have one for books I plan to submit to Pure Textuality, one for books I get from NetGalley, and one for book reviews requested directly from authors. The to-be-read shelf on Goodreads is too long and clunky to work for a near-future reading list, so I'm using the to-be-reviewed-by-me shelf to organize the reads from those three I just mentioned plus the books I've come across and purchased on my own.

Oh, and I also added a fun little shelf called "on-actual-paper" for books that I've purchased, you guessed it, on actual paper. So, anyway, without Goodreads and those shelves, I'd probably not have any kind of plan, which worked before, but won't work now.

Here are the books I'd like to read and review next. It's a shelf widget, so I think it'll be current for whenever you happen to be reading this. I love those widgets.

Patricia's bookshelf: to-be-reviewed-by-me

The Earth Dwellers
tagged: by-david-estes, to-read, and to-be-reviewed-by-me
Of Shadow and Stone
tagged: netgalley, to-be-reviewed-by-me, and currently-reading
This Shrinking World
tagged: to-read, pure-textuality-review, to-be-reviewed-by-me, and to-be-bl...
True Calling
tagged: to-read, netgalley, to-be-blogged, and to-be-reviewed-by-me
From the Ashes
tagged: to-read, pure-textuality-review, to-be-reviewed-by-me, and to-be-bl...