Tuesday, January 27, 2015

YA Review: The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa

The Vanishing Girl (The Vanishing Girl, #1)The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Vanishing Girl is a story about Ember Pierce, a girl who teleports to other locations in the first ten minutes of sleep every night. After five years dealing with this ability and keeping it secret, the government shows up to collect on a debt Ember had no idea she owed.

I think my favorite thing about this story is the ten minute time limit. Whenever Ember and her peers transport, they have only ten minutes to do what they have to do. And, if things go wrong, they have ten long minutes to survive the consequences. This gives each traveling segment a degree of excitement.

I also enjoyed the romance between Ember and Caden, though Caden starts off as an annoying prick. I didn't care for how he kept pushing himself on Ember. But later on, he shapes up and seems much more likeable, probably because Ember ultimately gives in to his advances. Then again, I kept wondering about the guy Ember transports to, as well, wondering if Adrian might pose Caden some competition.

While I dig a good us vs. them story where the young hero or heroine is fighting back against a big brother type organization, I found it a bit hard to believe that the U.S. Government would sponsor the creation of teleporters and then make those kids their slaves for life. It makes for an interesting story, but such a thing is easier to believe when set in a distant future or another world. Still, I enjoyed it.

Overall, I liked this story and would recommend it to folks who enjoy a good YA paranormal dystopian set in the present day. There is a healthy dose of sexual content, making this one geared more towards the older end of the YA spectrum.

I received the review copy of this book from NetGalley.

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