Tuesday, June 17, 2014

YA Romance Review: Blane (Angels of the Knights #2) by Valerie Zambito

Blane (Angels of the Knights, #2)Blane by Valerie Zambito
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A story that stands well alone, while fitting into the greater trilogy.

I must say I really enjoyed Blane, the second book in the Angels of the Knights trilogy. Like the first book, it's the story of warrior angels who come back to earth at a great price to protect humans from demons who cause havoc in the world. In the greater story that spans the trilogy, hints of a greater conspiracy among the demons build tension and put pressure on Blane to put a stop to their plot. But like in the first story, there is an underlying romance.

I thought the romance in this was great: two damaged people finding each other and making each other better. Marriage comes first, the author being true to her morals, no doubt, but I think the situation is a lot more interesting in Blane than in Fallon, where the main characters suffered from instalove. In this one, they feel the attraction, but don't lose their minds to it. It's a good mix and it helped me feel a greater connection to the characters and their budding relationship.

But the story isn't all romance. There's action, intrigue and danger. The little bit of foreshadowing is subtle and well-executed, keeping me up reading way too late looking for what came next.

I definitely recommend this book to those who like angels vs. demons with a clean romance that still gets the heart racing. Not too many details, and not too few either. A good book for young adult readers.

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