Saturday, June 28, 2014

YA Fantasy Review: Witch Song by Amber Argyle

Witch SongWitch Song by Amber Argyle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Action packed and magical.

Witch Song is about a young girl, Brusenna, who has grown up sheltered from who and what she is, a witch. The term in this story defines a woman gifted with a powerful song, which allows her to control the flow of nature and the seasons. But the witches are in trouble. Mistrusted by some, hated by others, they are the target of one of their own, a former witch who captures them and steals their songs. When Coyel comes to call Brusenna's mother away in one last effort to free the witches, Brusenna is left alone and waiting until a witch hunter forces her to leave her home behind.

The story follows Brusenna first on her quest to find the haven her mother told her about, where she will be safe from hunters, and later to track down Espen, the evil witch, and rescue the witches she's taken captive. Every move Brusenna makes is followed by adventure or tragedy, and the pace is harrowing, until she reaches Haven. Then she takes a year off to try to teach herself everything she doesn't know about being a witch by reading the books in the library. She only leaves when impatience wins over prudence, and she decides she'd rather finish the quest, for better or worse that wait around any longer.

What I liked most about this story were the action scenes. They are the backbone of the story. There's not a lot of down time as Brusenna is chased, found, ambushed, or attacked at every step of her journey. I also thought the magic system was interesting, though Brusenna seemed a little too good at it for someone who was supposed to have been sheltered from it her entire life, supposedly untrained.

The romance was ok, and at least Joshen was likable, but I had trouble feeling it. It seemed a little like Brusenna falls for him simply because he's the first boy who has ever paid any attention to her. At least there is no love triangle.

Overall, I thought this book was ok bordering on good, and I enjoyed it. Still, I found it easy to put down and forget, which I did the first time at about 14% in, only to come back a few months later to find that I had indeed started it. After that, I came back to it and finished it. It ends on a positive note, but in a way that sets the story up for additional books. I'd recommend this story to fans of fantasy, coming of age stories, particularly those who enjoy a lot of action and who don't mind a little incongruency.

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