Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fantasy New Release: The Endless Hills (Water Road Trilogy #2) by J.D. Byrne

The Endless Hills (Water Road Trilogy #2)
by J.D. Byrne

Release Date: 31AUG2016

The Second Great Neldathi Uprising has begun, setting the world of the Water Road on fire.

United by Antrey Ranbren, the Neldathi clans have attacked across the great river, laying waste to the metropolis of Innisport. Now they hunt the Triumvirate army in the Endless Hills of Telebria. Antrey knows a crushing victory in pitched battle is what they need to win this war. The Neldathi have swept aside everything in their path, but time is not on their side. That’s why she’s sent Naath and Goshen on desperate missions to find help.
Trapped in Oberton by the negative reaction to her book exposing the Triumvirate’s treatment of the Neldathi, Strefer wonders how the Neldathi have been so successful on the battlefield. She leaves the safety of the city in the trees to find the truth. Along with Rurek, she traces the evidence back to the last place she ever expected.
A world torn apart by war and a dwindling sense of hope for the future - the next chapter in the epic saga of The Water Road.


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