Saturday, April 19, 2014

Self Publishing: New KDP Reports!

If you self-publish on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), but haven't checked your numbers lately, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. I'd like to share two new Reports that I've noticed that should make things much easier.

The first one I noticed when KDP changed their payment frequency to monthly, no matter the amount. That in itself was a fantastic change. Even if you aren't making much, getting the little deposits is still pretty exciting.  Well, anyways, there's a new Payments report on there that breaks everything down. Not only does it clearly list the date and source of the payment, but also the exchange rate and ultimate amount of the actual amount dropped in your account.

Sounds good, right? What makes it better is that you don't have to select one Amazon site at a time and you don't have to dig through your bank statement to figure out what you're actually getting (exchange rates, you know). That will definitely help with the taxes.

My Sales Dashboard
Another neat thing is the new Sales Dashboard. Mine isn't all that impressive, since I haven't run any promotions or marketed much this month, but it's easy to see that the filters you apply can range from anything from a single title and market all the way up to everything, and you can add various date ranges, too. Add to that, the data is displayed as a graph, great for trending your sales and comparing the different types. And, sure, you can still look at the Month to Date Unit Sales report, which displays one month's numbers for a single market place, but why would you want to?  

Let's just say I like the new reports.  Now, I've got to drum up some sales so I have something to look at.