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Middle Grade Fantasy Review: The Last Page (Storyteller #3) by Lisa Cresswell

The Last Page (Storyteller, #3)The Last Page by Lisa Cresswell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

And they all lived happily ever after...

The story picks up right where it left off in book 2. Lily and her companions continue their quest for Galamar's gems, and the Formorians step up their efforts to find and destroy her. Peter's delima, Merab's back story, and the legendary feats of Galamar are also key to the resolution of the story. I don't want to spoil anything, so that's all I'll say about what happens in the book.

I think this is an excellent wrap to the series. Things hinted at in the first two books are revealed and resolved in this one. The author did a good job bringing this story to a close in a satisfying way, though a couple things felt like they were resolved a little too perfectly. Some of the details seemed to come out of nowhere, making them less believable.

I found myself getting a bit confused as to the order of Galamar's feats. The quests are revealed in bits and pieces when Lily reads about them as she tries to figure out what she and her companions should do in their real-time quest. Since the heroes are not visiting the portals in the order that Galamar did, it makes it hard to keep them straight. I think this started in book 2 and just continued into The Last Page. That being said, I enjoyed the legend and I think it would be fantastic if Galamar's story wound up in its own volume some day.

Overall, I really liked this book and felt satisfied at it's conclusion, though the ending seemed a little too perfect and the history gets a little confusing at times. I would recommend this book to those who love fantasy, fairy tales, youthful heroes, and quests.

As a series, I loved Storyteller. I highly recommend picking up all three books because you won't want to stop once you get started. The three books read like a single volume, though each one has a climax and partial resolution that leads to the next. The story, while scary in parts, is appropriate for middle-schoolers and would likely keep the interest of young readers.

I was lucky enough to win all three books in this series in a contest.

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