Monday, March 31, 2014

Adult Dystopian Review: Equal Part 3: The Destination by W.J. Costello

Equal Part 3: The Destination (Equal, #3)Equal Part 3: The Destination by W.J. Costello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

End game. Short and dangerous.
Equal Part III, The Destination, picks up with the same conversation that ends Part II. The chase may be over, but Janus and Diana are far from safe. We are reminded early on that the citizens of Equal are unremarkable in all except for their hatred of those who are different. Janus and Diana get careless and things go sour rather quickly.

This is the shortest of the three parts of this novel, but it's packed with danger and information. Everything is explained: Diana's origins, the nature of Haven, and the Plan, two decades in the making, that spawned the chase. Meanwhile, Janus and Diana are far from safety, though their destination is within their grasp. The edginess and danger take a back seat to the philosophy and history revelations that make up most of this volume, but the final run for freedom ultimately makes up for the break in action.

Like in the other books in this series, sexual content and violence peg this story as adult fiction. Still, I found that the author uses every bit of it to progress the story, and though it's horrifying in places, it serves to highlight the degradation of the society of Equal.

I loved Part III and the overall novel. This final installment is quick, but packed with danger, and while everything is resolved, the ultimate fate of Janus and Diana, and of the country of Equal, is left to the imagination. The theme of equality versus freedom provides an abundance of fuel for thought well after the final page is turned and the book is set aside, especially when compared to some of the trends in today's society.

I recommend Equal to fans of adult dystopian thrillers, though those who are disturbed by violence and sexual content might want to steer clear. Since all three parts are literally just a single story broken up into smaller pieces, I would say pick up all three before you start reading and definitely read them in order.

I picked up Equal Parts I, II and III during a free promotion on Amazon.

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