Saturday, March 29, 2014

Adult Dystopian Review: Equal Part 2: The Journey by W.J. Costello

Equal Part 2: The Journey (Equal, #2)Equal Part 2: The Journey by W.J. Costello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The chase is on.
Now that Janus has thrown his lot in with Diana, they are on the run. Part II: The Journey is just that, the part of the story when the couple makes their bid for freedom. Already a creepy and scary villain, Orcus reveals the full extent of his evil nature and is hot on their trail. Those who aid Janus and Diana in their quest to reach the rumored safety of Haven find themselves in his crosshairs.

This part of the story features narrow escapes, costly mistakes, and tragic endings. More of the history and make up of Equal are revealed, and the extent of mankind's efforts to standardize everything and everyone becomes chillingly clear.

Again, this reminds me of Logan's Run, in that Janus, a man formerly tasked with capturing runners and bringing them to justice, is now on the run himself with a beautiful companion, but the lawman who chases them is nothing like the one in Logan's Run. His sadistic nature adds an edge of danger to the story that makes you fear for the two on the run, not to mention any who help them.

As with the first, and perhaps even more so in this one, the violent and sexual content in this story bring it into the realm of adult fiction, though all of it works to progress the story. This installment features more violence than the last.

The danger, intrigue and scope of the chase in Part II catapults this story into the 5 star range for me. I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend Equal for adult fans of dystopian thrillers. Keep in mind that this is not a standalone book. This is Part II of a single novel, and as such does not include a resolution for the overall story, though it does resolve some things while it sets the stage for Part III.

I picked up Equal Parts I, II and III during a free promotion on Amazon.

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