Tuesday, January 7, 2014

YA Contemporary Fantasy Review: Chasing Darkness (Unbinding Fate #3) by Colee Firman

Chasing Darkness (Unbinding Fate, #3 )Chasing Darkness by Colee Firman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Chasing Darkness is book three in the Unbinding Fate series. The story picks up a few months after Addy is sent back to Greystone without Tanner. Strange deaths plague the Akori of Greystone, a deadly tournament is kicked off, and an unknown evil threatens all that Addy holds most dear.

This book focuses on the series' love triangle in great detail. Tanner is left behind in Tremain (Earth), and Gage comes back with a vengeance now that he's out of the picture. Addy's mixed feelings are prominently featured. She's attracted to Gage, but cautious of him. She misses Tanner, but is angry at him. The resolution of these relationships caught me by surprise.

The evil only hinted at in the previous books becomes a real and tangible danger in this one. The struggle that emerges with it is emotionally charged, particularly due to the betrayals, hidden loyalties, and losses suffered. These things also make this book a rather complex addition to the story line. There is so much going on, it is overwhelming at times.

The story wraps up with some issues resolved, but many others are worsened. The degree of tragedy is staggering, and if there weren't another book out there with some hope of a happy ending, I would have been greatly disappointed.

Overall, I really liked the story, but the degree of tragedy was shocking. People who enjoyed the first two in the series will likely want to read this one, too, but be prepared for escalating trouble in Addy's world.

This story should not be read as a standalone. I recommend starting with Dissever and working your way up to this one.

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