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Fantasy Review: The Bay of Sins (Water Road #3) by J.D. Byrne

The Bay of Sins (The Water Road #3) by J.D. Byrne

Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: March 22, 2017

The war is over, but nothing is settled.

On the Neldathi side of the Water Road the clans are slowly pulling apart following a sudden murder. Hirrek is tasked with getting to the bottom of a mystery: was this killing the random act of a violent, unstable man? Or was it something more sinister, a hint of what the Neldathi thought they’d defeated during the war? The unity won in blood may be slipping away.

In the rebuilding city of Innisport, life is returning to something like normal. That’s largely due to Mida, given the task of rebuilding the city by Antrey Ranbren herself. After Mida hands power over to the Guild of Politicians, she finds herself on trial for her life, charged with treason and being a collaborator. Along the way she meets someone, a curious remnant of the war, who makes her rethink the way she sees those that destroyed her city.

In the meantime, Antrey returns from exile, escaping to the wilderness of Telebria. She gains new allies, including Rurek, and a new foe, the Sentinel Faerl. He’s best known among the other Sentinels as the man who let Antrey slip away once before, getting all his men killed in the process. Now he has a chance for redemption and revenge. But Antrey is willing to do anything to ensure that her legacy does not slip away.

The chase is on, as the saga of The Water Road barrels toward its explosive conclusion.

My Review:
The Bay of Sins is book three of The Water Road. The war is over, but things are far from resolved. This installment follows several threads all woven together into a rather epic conclusion to the series. Instead of just two major plotlines, there are at least four: a whodunit, a chase, a courtroom drama, and a quest. 

Mida’s story was one of my favorites. Kept me on the edge of my seat. The Hirreck story has the feel of a whodunit. Some action, but we know who did it. I enjoyed following his progress, though I’d forgotten for a moment that he was prominent in one of the other books. Sentinel Faerl was a new character, but his quest was exciting, particularly because he is in direct opposition to Antrey and her companions. I had no idea which way things would go for any of these threads, but I liked that.

I found this to be a well-paced and engrossing read. As with the previous books, each plotline is solid and makes sense in the larger world. The characters have unique voices, and even those you want to side against are likeable to some degree.

Overall, I loved the book. I felt it was stronger than the second one and a great close to the trilogy. I would highly recommend this to fans of epic fantasy.

I received an ARC of this book from the author.

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About the Author:

J.D. Byrne
JD Byrne was born and raised around Charleston, West Virginia, before spending seven years in Morgantown getting degrees in history and law from West Virginia University. He's practiced law for more than 15 years, writing briefs where he has to stick to real facts and real law. In his fiction, he gets to make up the facts, take or leave the law, and let his imagination run wild. He lives outside Charleston with his wife, one-eyed dog, and black cat.

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