Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Romance-Thriller Review: Chased by Kate Carley

by Kate Carley

Sixteen years ago their lives were ripped apart...

Whisked away from her beloved home as a child and raised by her elderly relatives on the Pacific Coast, Kendall Aasgaard has learned to roll with the punches. She's strong, resilient, and independent. But when Kendall finds herself in more trouble than she can handle, her survival instincts tell her to run. She turns to the person she trusts the most-Ben Montgomery.

Ben has it all-a thriving construction business, all the toys a bachelor could want, and a steady stream of brunettes to warm his bed. Love, however, is something Ben has permanently relegated to his past.
When playful, unreserved Kendall lands on his doorstep-or more accurately, in his bed-Ben realizes that his heart has no intention of following some arbitrary rule he'd instituted sixteen years ago. And if Kendall gets her way, she'd abolish that rule altogether to claim Ben's heart for herself.

But as the threat to Kendall intensifies, Ben is faced with an adversary of his own who is determined to destroy Montgomery Construction.

Together, they'll fight for a future that is more than the tragedy that binds them.

My Review:
Chased features Ben, a fellow who showed up in the first book as a best friend with problems of his own. In this one, Kendall Aasgaard drops in on Ben unannounced, making herself right at home and taking a snooze in his bed while he’s out on a bender. To Ben it’s almost traumatic finding her there because she’s the kid sister of his one true love, a woman murdered before their life together could truly begin. But Kendall isn’t there for fun, and her situation sparks feelings Ben thought were lost forever.

This is the third Changing Krysset novel I’ve read, and I must say I’m impressed. Yes, the cover has a man chest, not my favorite kind of cover, but this story, like the others, is much more than a racy romance, though it is that as well. It blends in a rather gripping thriller. I also thought it was good that the intimate scenes are entwined with emotions and sensations, making them feel real and unique to the couple experiencing them. Not just play-by-play, but immersive moments that feel genuine.
I wasn’t quite into how Kendall pretty much seemed out to snag Ben from the start. Maybe it was from reading her sisters words about him? Also, I could have done with fewer asides about Ben having to adjust himself in Kendall’s presence.

Anyway that being said, each of these books have a unique situation and pair of people. This is Kendall and Ben’s story, and they’re themselves, not shadows of the couples in the previous books, making this a fresh read.

Overall, I loved this book. I’d highly recommend the series and this book to folks who like steamy romance paired with some thrills and more than one incredibly close call.

About the Author:

After spending more than a dozen years home schooling her four children, Kate is off and running in a new direction—writing romance novels. It all started out as a mere addiction to reading novels and then morphed into a drive to write one. One became two, and then three, and then four.

Her debut series, Changing Krysset, includes Challenged and Consumed, both released in 2016, and Chased, in 2017.

Visit her online at www.katecarley.com and look for additional books in the near future.

Follow Kate on Twitter @KateCarleyBooks and on Goodreads.

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