Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Childrens New Release and Review: The Queen of the Frogs by Davide Cali and Illustrated by Marco Soma

The Queen of the Frogs 
by Davide Cali (Author), Marco Somà (Illustrations)
Release Date: March 20, 2017

An enchanting modern fable.

The frogs enjoy their life at the pond, filling their days with fly brunches and night music. But one day a little frog finds a crown at the bottom of the pond and is instantly pronounced a queen. She starts doing what queens do: making demands and expecting others to serve her. But when her royal subjects start to question her authority, she must prove she's fit to rule—if she can.

Reminiscent of Aesop's fables, this beautifully illustrated book is sure to start a discussion about the concept of leadership and the importance of humility.

My Review:
What a sweet little story about a frog who finds a crown and becomes the frog queen. I like how it has a moral showing that having a crown doesn't make you a good queen. The explanation around the crown itself is also cool and left a smile on my face.

The illustrations are lovely, not cartoony, but interesting with neat froggy contraptions and scenarios. I think I would I have liked this had I read it as a kid, mostly for the details in the pictures, but also for the queen's plight. It is simple, but not simplistic.

I would have liked to know what happened to the queen beyond just after having lost her crown.

Overall, I really liked it. Good for bedtime reading, interesting pictures, and simple story. Recommended.

I picked this up on NetGalley for a quick read.

About the Author:
Davide Cali was born in Liestal, Switzerland and lives in Genoa. He was a comic writer and illustrator for various magazines until he turned to children's books in 2000. At first both an author and illustrator, he finally decided only to write. Since then, he has written more than 20 picture books, which have been translated into many languages. --translated from the Goodreads author profile

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