Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Non-Book Review: Tweetdeck is Awesome!

Tweeting in TweetDeck
I like Twitter, but Tweetdeck is awesome.

I don't recall exactly how I found out about it, probably from another blog or a tweet. Basically it's Twitter, but on your terms. You customize how you want to interact with your account. I have all the posts responding to or liking my tweets, my messages, and my scheduled posts all on their own columns. The constant twitter feed, which I find overwhelming on the main site, is hidden off to the side.

And yes, the scheduled posts. When I first got on Twitter, I was all like, "I write and post all my Tweets real-time." That's fine and all, but when you're trying to manage a blog and share reviews and also post thoughtful and interesting Tweets consistently, it gets rather difficult. So yes, with Tweetdeck, I went to the dark side, as I thought of it at the time, and started scheduling things ahead of time, mostly links to my books and quotes from them.

Then about this time last year I got frisky and wrote out a slew of posts of all sorts. Not just for my books, but for some of my older non-review posts here on the blog, for things I've learned as an author, and for my take on healthy living and happiness. I wrote them all over the course of a week and then spent a weekend scheduling them to go out over the course of the rest of the year.

This experiment in scheduled Tweets actually ran out just last month. So now that it's over, was it worth it?

Yes, it was. Not only did I manage to be more present in Twitter, I got more engagement out of folks and more followers, because I wasn't just posting random stuff, I was posting regularly and according to a few pre-determined themes I thought folks would enjoy.

An unexpected bonus was the enjoyment I got out of seeing those posts come up and remembering when I wrote them. It was fun!

So, long story short. I found Tweetdeck. It's neat. I definitely recommend it to folks who like Twitter.

Go forth and Tweet!