Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Humorous Fantasy Review: Myth Alliances by Robert Aspirin and Jody Lynn Nye

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Myth Alliances by Robert Asprin and     
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Myth Alliances was a surprise for me. I thought there were no more Myth books from Robert Aspirin (and would be no more), but my husband found them and got them for me. Yay!

This one is the first collaboration work in this series, which gives the name a funny double meaning, applying both to this new alliance between Robert Aspirin and Jody Lynn Nye in writing the series and to the oddball coalition of characters in the book.

It took a while for the two styles to meld, but the story smoothed out and picked up about halfway through. As usual for a Myth book, the story is propped up by a lot of punny jokes and oddball characters. This one features a self-help guru who’s great at winning hearts, minds, and book sales and a showdown between the passive-aggressive Wuhses and their Pervect oppressors. Skeeve has his hands full figuring things out and combatting some seriously dangerous magic.

I couldn’t help but feel that the authors missed an opportunity to build suspense and mystery by revealing a certain key bit of information incredibly early in the book. It didn’t kill the book, but I think that it was mostly responsible for the slow start.

Overall, I really liked this story. I’m glad that the co-author joined in and is keeping the series alive. Folks who enjoy the Myth series will likely enjoy this one, but may not love it because it isn’t quite on par with some of the earlier books.

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