Sunday, February 14, 2016

Release Day: Avalee and the Dragon by Patricia Hamill

Happy Release Day!
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The day is finally here. Avalee and the Dragon is live on Amazon!

As a huge fan of fantasy and swords and sorcery books, I'm excited to announce this book, the first one I've written in that genre. I read through the story again last night (you know, pre-release jitters and last looks), and I feel great about this one.

Title: Avalee and the Dragon
Author: Patricia Hamill
Cover Art: Jack Baker Design
Released: February 14, 2016
Genre: YA, Fantasy, and just a touch of Romance (clean).

Every ten years, a maiden must be sacrificed to the dragon to ensure the safety of the village for the next ten. This year, Avalee has been selected.

But unlike those before her, she has no intention of submitting to her fate. No, she intends to fight, and not just fight, win. If everything goes as planned, the dragon will never trouble her village again.

Then again, things seldom go as planned. . . 


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Pick up a copy at Amazon:   

 (Hint for international readers, replace the .com or in the amazon link with your country's website suffix. The rest of the link's the same. :-D)

Do you love getting your books in both ebook and paperback?
The paperback is in review, so it should follow the Kindle edition soon. I always turn on matchbook, so if you're planning to get the paperback and want a discounted copy for your Kindle, too, I'd say wait for that. I'll post when both the paperback and the matchbook are live.