Thursday, December 31, 2015

Middle Grade Review: Felix and the Sword of Sefu by Catherine Mesick

Felix and the Sword of SefuFelix and the Sword of Sefu by Catherine Mesick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Felix and the Sword of Sefu is an excellent middle grade book, which I picked up some time ago while it was free and finally found the time to read. I’m really sorry I waited to do so because it looks like it’s been unpublished since then. The only place I could find to post my review is here on Goodreads. I imagine, if the author is still around and checking, that this review will likely be just for her.

Anyhow, about the book itself. It’s on par with some of my other favorite middle grade, fantasy world books. It’s of an epic length and takes on the form of a quest, where three siblings find themselves stranded in and embroiled into the politics and troubles of a parallel world where magic and monsters exist. I also thought it was interesting (and indicative of possible sequels) that even though this story fully resolves, there is still the matter of the barrier between the two worlds weakening.

I loved the personalities and relationship between the siblings. The author avoided the pitfall of making them overly hostile or loving towards one another and simply made them believable and interesting, both as individuals and in their relationships with each other.

As for the plot, I really dug the mystery of Silk, the evil magician who is terrorizing the world they end up in. There’s a puzzling riddle/prophecy he’s trying to fulfill, and Felix and Sadie, in particular, have no choice but to become heroes in their efforts to stop him and rescue their brother.

Some things come a little easily, but overall, I found this to be perfect for its intended audience. This is a middle grade fantasy with some meat to it. If/when it becomes available again for purchase, I would highly recommend it.

All I can say for the author is, don’t give up. Keep writing. Your story’s awesome and shows you have a knack for writing many lack. It’s obvious you planned this out and put the effort into making it a clean, well-edited read. I would love to read more of your books.

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