Monday, December 28, 2015

Funny how most of my books start in fall...

I was doing some formatting and preview loading for most of my books yesterday and noticed something interesting. Most of them start in fall.

Shadows of Valor #1 has Edwin, the main character, racing along a leaf-strewn road right at the beginning. The Freeze, even though the season is indistinguishable from winter due to, well, the freeze, begins right before winter, so, the fall. Fearless, the zombie book, starts right before Halloween, hmm, a trend. And, even funnier, so does Avalee and the Dragon, which starts during a festival, you guessed it, in the fall. Oh, that yet-to-be-named vampire book I've been tinkering with starts at a state fair, which tend to run in the fall.

You may be wondering why this is. I did so I've been considering it, and all I can guess is that perhaps it has something to do with when I actually start writing these stories. All but Shadows of Valor and the in progress vampire book were started in November, when leaves are just starting to turn, the air is getting a bit of bite to it, and the occasional frost drapes the morning landscape. SOV started in winter and the vampire book started in October, hence thoughts of the fair.

Ok, so maybe I need to initiate my writing projects throughout the year because my inspiration is obviously affected by what's going on in real life. That's a good thing, right? Or, perhaps I should take some time to plan out a few stories that start in spring or summer.  We'll see.

Then again, maybe I just like the fall.