Saturday, June 20, 2015

The many meanings of 'I love you'...

That's right, the many meanings. I bet you thought there was only one meaning. Someone says "I love you" and that's that. But in real life you might find it means something a little different each time it's said. So here are a few ways I've heard this used in my own house.

I love you (Ok, I have no idea what you just said.)
I love you (Bye.)
I love you (Whatever, you win.)
I love you (Whatever, I win.)
I love you (...)
I love you (Absentminded endearment at work, school or over the phone...Does not mean anything.)
I love you (You are weird.)
I love you (I can't believe you said that.)
I love you (I can't believe you did that.)
I love you (I forgive you.)
I love you (Do you forgive me?)
I love you (I think you said something, but I'm not sure it wasn't a sneeze.)
I love you (Where is the thing I'm looking for? I'm pretty sure you misplaced it or hid it.)
I love you (You're going to get me in a fight.)
I love you (That was a close call.)
I love you (You are funny.)

And, last but not least...

I love you (I love you.)

So, the bottom line is I don't think you can just say I love you without context and really know what it means. I'm curious to see what you might come up with to convey one of these meanings. Share in the comments.