Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hi all, I just wanted to post a quick announcement.  I've finally rapped up edits for Forgotten Valor (Shadows of Valor #2).

Keep an eye out for the cover reveal and release date!

If you want to catch up with Shadows of Valor #1 before #2 comes out, you can find it at most ebook stores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and in print at Amazon.

I'm also running a freebee at if you use the following code at checkout.

Free ebook of Shadows of Valor
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Expires: 05OCT2013

About Shadows of Valor:
Four years ago, Edwin's father was slain by Verackan raiders, intent on plundering the Orescan heartland to supplement their own waning resources.

Now seventeen and intent on vengeance, Edwin runs away from home to join the Orescan Army. Soon, he finds himself a Probationary Recruit, not in the Army, but in the Special Air Corps. Through a combination of natural and technologically enhanced gifts, this elite and secretive organization battles the Verackans from the shadows.

As Edwin explores the full potential of his gift, a new objective begins to take hold: ending the Verackan threat for all time.

What others are saying about Shadows of Valor:

M.K. says, "quick-paced, well written sci-fi" (full review here).

Michael Long says, "I found the story to be engrossing and I couldn't put it down" (full review here).

Jaq Hawkins says, "took me back to a time when I left my own home at a young age" (full review here).

Amanda says, "In no way was I expecting the exceptional quality revealed to me" (full review here).