Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Oh Myyy! by George Takei

Oh Myyy!
Oh Myyy! by George Takei

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Myyy! It says it all, doesn't it?

Oh Myyy! is George Takei's foray into social media, starting with Twitter and leading up to his now four million fans on Facebook (as announced to his followers April 27, 2013). As someone who dutifully watch every single meticulously recorded episode of the original Star Trek at the urging of my father, I knew who George Takei was when I first noticed one of his posts pop up in my Facebook feed. I think it was something about cats... From that point on, I was delighted as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and all sort of silly posts started appearing. Apparently one of my friends was an avid liker of George's posts. Eventually, I figured out how to follow him myself (I'm still rather new to Facebook) and from then on I liked almost everything he posted and even commented a few times. You may wonder why I'm outlining my own discovery and subsequent following of George Takei's Facebook page in a book review. It's simple really, his book is a gem of Facebook knowledge and history.

One of the things that caught my attention early on was the prevalence of choice memes and posts that I personally remember popping up on my Facebook news feed over the last couple of years. Not only did this allow me to enjoy the posts again, but the book reveals the context behind the posts, including messages from the occasional offended or thankful fan. It also made it feel that this wasn't just George's Facebook history, but mine too; a social connection unique to Facebook and other social media (also discussed in the book).

Another thing I enjoyed was the chapter on the Facebook algorithm and how it decides which and how many posts from various pages will actually appear in my news feed. George Takei explains about engagement (liking, commenting) and how it increases the chance you'll see more from a page. He also reveals an interesting phenomenon about what happens to your reach when you include a link in your post. Good stuff!

I recommend this book not only to George Takei or sci fi fans, but also anyone who uses social media, likes a good meme, and has an interest in the inner workings of Facebook.

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