Friday, July 1, 2016

Time Travel Serial Review: Gravity Spike (#6 Chronicles of the Harekaiian) by Shanna Lauffey

Gravity Spike: Episode Six of The Chronicles of the Harekaiian
by Shanna Lauffey

The past comes back to haunt Kallie when she travels back to a time in her youth to follow Mason's trail. Other lives and other loves distract her from her task; to determine how Mason is traveling through time.

Another time traveler is discovered who may hold the secret Kallie needs to discover, but first she needs to secure the elusive nemesis who has plagued her across the years and to discover where and when Connor has exiled Julia.

Episode six of a time travel Mystery that spans ten volumes and many adventures of a people who can shift through time or space, but not both at the same time.

My Review:
So, this is book six in the Chronicles of the Harekaiian serial, which follows Kallie, one of a nomadic race of people who can travel through space or time at will (though not at the same time). The story started off in book one when someone began to kidnap Kallie’s people for nefarious experiments. This one picks up a few years later now that she’s thoroughly embroiled in the mess that arose from all that.

Like the others in this serial, this one blends past and present as it pulls Kallie towards more answers and also brings up more questions. There’s a fair bit of nostalgia, too, though most of the events and references were before my time in this round. I was caught up in the convoluted twists and turns because the story revolves around time travel, along with all its mind bending complications.

So overall, I really liked this installment. This would be great for fans of time travel who like to read serials. It’s also a good one for folks who enjoy stories laced with some deep intellectual and scientific theory.

I received a copy of this story from the author so that I could write this review.

About the Author:
Shanna Lauffey is a native Californian currently living in Europe. She spends her time between homes in Sweden, France and the UK. She writes Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance in her spare time between attending university and travelling.

Her first novel, She-Wȕlf, was released 1st January 2012. A Science Fiction series involving time travel is in progress.

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