Sunday, April 26, 2015

Romance Review: Pastels & Jingle Bells by Christine S. Feldman

Pastels and Jingle Bells by Christine Feldman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A refreshingly sweet romance.

This novella features the first romance in a series where the women falling in love happen to work in the same bakery. First up is Trish Ackerly. When her old grade-school nemesis wanders into the shop, Trish dives behind the counter and hides, but her coworker sets events in motion that will make her face her bully. But, he isn't quite as bad as she remembers him...

Alright, first off, this is a cute, well written romance. It's also clean and focuses on those first shivers of awareness and attraction, as well as the confusion of reality clashing with preconceptions. All of it is well done and amusing, and I liked that the story kept a smile on my face the whole time I read it.

I also liked that the main character's first name is the same as mine. I too started off as a Patricia (a.k.a. Patty) and was troubled with similar taunts based on my name. I am now a Trish, like the character in the story, and feel equally uncomfortable being called Patty. Because of this, I related closely to the main character and understood how hard it must be to set those feelings aside to see the man her nemesis, Ian, grew up to be.

On a more technical level, the story is both well-written and well-edited, and the pacing is spot on. Usually, this is the part where I try to balance the review with constructive criticism, but I can't think of anything I didn't like.

This is a quick, pleasant read, perfect for a relaxing weekend, perhaps with a pastry or two handy. I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes romantic stories in small bites, particularly those that focus more on the emotional rather than the physical aspects of love.

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