Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Political Thriller Review: The Zero Game by Brad Meltzer

The Zero GameThe Zero Game by Brad Meltzer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Zero Game is an action-packed, yet disturbing, political thriller. Matthew and Harris have been playing a game, one that seems harmless. Place your bids, sneak a bit of trivial legislation onto a bill, and collect your winnings. A victimless crime, until one of the players ends up dead. Soon one of the players finds himself playing a new game. One of life and death.

I must say I really liked this book. I found the pace quick and the story intriguing. Twists and surprises, chases and narrow escapes, all move the story forward and keep the reader engaged. I also enjoyed learning about day to day life in the government. The author has definitely done his homework.

I also liked that the story isn't burdened with an unnecessary love connection. The main character and the young page who finds herself on the run with him are focused on surviving. All in all, the relationship between them is realistic for the situation they find themselves in. The story is good enough on its own merits without cluttering it with romance.

I'm not one to seek out political thrillers, preferring fantasy, sci-fi or the occasional dystopian. But, this was a present from my dad. He's been telling me about it for some time, wanting to talk about it but not wanting to spoil it. I look forward to a long spoiler-filled discussion with him the next time we talk.

I highly recommend The Zero Game to fans of political thrillers. It's well-written, insightful and exciting.

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