Saturday, May 11, 2013

Amazingly enough, ignoring reality doesn't make it go away...

Time for another legacy post from my Goodreads blog.
Now that I knew what attracted agents, I must admit that I was intimidated. So I decided to break it down into steps. Steps are doable.

Step one: Disregard the fact that I have one book, no following and no idea what I'm doing.

Step two: Write a query letter and send it to an agent.

Step three: Wait.

You may have noticed my steps did not include any of the three things agents like to see. Let's see how that worked out for me.

Step one: Easy enough. Done.

Step two: Less easy. It's incredibly hard to write a description of your own book and your self. Plus, you have to tailor the query letter to the agent. Not too hard if you have a good source of information, like Writer's Digest. I sent off my first letter (they want emails, not mailed letters by the way) early on a Saturday morning.

Step three: I expected about a four week wait, based on my research, so I was incredibly surprised to find a reply within 24 hours. The response was kind, but it wasn't what I was hoping for.

Back to the drawing board. New steps were needed.
Published on November 07, 2012 16:47