Monday, February 12, 2018

Cover Reveal: Beyond the Moon by R.J. Wood

Today is the cover reveal for Beyond the Moon by R.J. Wood! This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. After you check out the new book, read on for my review of Destiny's Gambit, book one in this series. Good stuff!

Beyond the MoonBeyond the Moon (The Voyages of Jake Flynn #2)
by R.J. Wood

Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Sword and Space/ Space Fantasy
Age category: Middle Grade/ Young Adult
Release Date: 2018

Beyond the Moon picks up after the battle above the ice planet Nystal, where Earth-kid Jake Flynn and crew have recently escaped from the Crimson Cabal. Their voyages continue on the other side of the galaxy where magic has displaced technology and monsters are real. Jake continues to grow in his new abilities to channel energy and fly tall wooden ships in space, but struggles with having been named the Justicar, a prophesied champion of the light. Pushing forward, he sets course for new planets in search of allies who will stand with him and help stop the cabal from resurrecting a long dead queen. To succeed, Jake must learn more about channeling and how to balance his new and unwelcome responsibilities with the continued search for his missing parents and a way home to Earth.

Aided and mentored by the young Life Magian, Starla Silvertree, her aged protector, Ottomeyer Riversend, and assisted by veteran sailors Jehnna Marik and Captain Billy Goldbar, Jake must make heavyweight decisions with deadly consequences.

Unicorns, ghost ships, pirates, space battles, magi wielding lightning and fire, dinosaurs, and a Valkyrie – Jake must face them all in this epic sword and space adventure. By the end, Jake will take another step toward adulthood, discover truths about his parents’ fate, suffer the death of a comrade, and muster the courage to charge into a final showdown with the terrifying snake-woman, Celia Sable.

Check out Destiny’s Gambit (The Voyages of Jake Flynn #1)!

Destiny's Gambit
A resourceful boy takes a glowing sailboat across the stars to search for his long-missing parents and becomes the target of pirates and an evil cabal with a sinister agenda.

My Review of Destiny's Gambit: 
Destiny’s Gambit is an exciting tale featuring an eclectic blend of old fashioned pirate ships, space travel and magic. In it, a young boy struggles to find his lost parents all the while learning of a fate he’d never expected. 
I thought this was a rather well done and unique story. The idea of space ships being literal seafaring ships encased in bubbles of air caught my imagination. Jake’s abilities and that of his new companions were equally intriguing. I particularly enjoyed the riddles and puzzles he and his new friends had to solve to track down Jake’s father and the hints at a greater destiny that leave plenty to the imagination and future installments. 
The author took great pains to ensure the nautical terms and activities were accurate. And Jake himself is often called to explain them to others in the story. His knowledge is explained as a result of a long-standing fascination with seagoing vessels, which comes in handy throughout the story. It seemed a bit much for an average 12-year-old, but I grant that if a kid had an obsession with a topic, such a degree of knowledge would be possible. 
Overall, I really liked this story. There’s a cool blend of exotic locations, historical seafaring, and science fiction. Added to that, the characters are interesting and diverse, and the puzzles they face draw you in. I think younger readers, in particular, will really dig this story. 
I received a review copy of this ebook from the author via Lola’s Blog Tours. 

You can buy Destiny’s Gambit here:

About the Author:
R.J. Wood
R. J. Wood has been creating stories and adventures for others since 1979. A bard at heart, he trained in Drama (BA) and History (MA) while at university. He currently lives near Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State with his wife and children. There he does a little fishing, some adventuring, and of course, his writing.

Like everyone of my generation and beyond I have been heavily influenced by film. I like to think of my books as movies in my mind. I developed my creative writing through fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal RPGs. My degree in drama helps me with story, characters, and especially dialogue. Having an advanced history degree is excellent for plots and characters, but it also helps me with world building.

You can find and contact R.J. Wood here:
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