Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shadows of Valor is FREE for all on May 24-25! (Kindle only)

Shadows of Valor (Book 1)
Four years ago, Edwin’s father was slain by Verackan raiders, intent on plundering the Orescan heartland to supplement their own waning resources.

Now seventeen and intent on vengeance, Edwin runs away from home to join the Orescan Army. Soon, he finds himself a Probationary Recruit, not in the Army, but in the Special Air Corps. Through a combination of natural and technologically enhanced gifts, this elite and secretive organization battles the Verackans from the shadows.

As Edwin explores the full potential of his gift, a new objective begins to take hold… ending the Verackan threat for all time.

Free for all on Kindle, May 24-25!

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Book 3 in this trilogy is up for pre-order and set to release on June 17th. So now's a great time to start reading.

Take a look at the other books this trilogy:

Forgotten Valor (Shadows of Valor Book 2)
Continuing the story began in Shadows of Valor, Edwin is stuck back at SAC headquarters reeling from the effects of his first mission. Haunted by nightmares and recovering from a training injury, Edwin desperately seeks a solution to the horrors that blast him awake each night without fail. At the same time, war waits for no man, and the Commander assigns him a new mission, one that will take him into the heart of Veracka.

Meanwhile, Peggy is offered an ultimatum: accept enhancement or watch as Edwin is sent alone on a mission he may not survive without her. Disillusioned and suspecting her superiors intended this outcome from the beginning, Peggy must face the most difficult decision she's ever had to make. And, even if she takes the plunge, the effort may be too little, too late.

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Fight for Valor (Shadows of Valor Book 3)
Release Date June 17, 2015 

Edwin's long awaited awakening reveals more than he'd ever expected, even before his self-inflicted memory loss. Armed with new knowledge, he is torn between loyalty for Oresca and new, unavoidable obligations to Veracka and Princess Dorothea.

Peggy, finally coming to terms with her enhancement, faces a new dilemma. Edwin seems to have returned to himself, but she knows he's hiding something. She wants to trust him, but can she?
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